15.allison frame(non-registered)
i love your pictures. Brittany, the 2 girls and I want to come out March 14th for pictures. We want nature pictures.
11.Michelle Hines(non-registered)
Need u for senior pictures, will call for full details
10.Mama Kathy(non-registered)
8.Chris Frame(non-registered)
Awesome. Can't wait to see more!!
7.Kristi Taylor(non-registered)
Love your beautiful photos, cant wait till we go to Chickasaw ..
5.Loni Holmes(non-registered)
Great pictures girl congratulations wishing you nothing but the best.:)
4.Rachel Russell(non-registered)
I love the pics how much do u charge and do u travel?
3.Grace Blankenship(non-registered)
Beautiful picture, stunning bride. Where were pictures taken, house is gorgeous!
2.CATHY TIMBES(non-registered)
1.Andrea R. Baker(non-registered)
Great Pictures... A true talented photographer!
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